About Stefan


Stefan Kamph (pronounced “camp”) is a writer from New Jersey. The son of an immigrant journalist and a bookbinder, he grew up on a hay farm and set off to college in Chicago. After cursing through several winters and gaming the school into sending him abroad twice, he moved to Portland, Oregon where he studied graphic design and worked at KBOO Community Radio before joining the Portland Mercury.

Next, he drove across the country to take a job at the Village Voice Media paper in South Florida, where he spent two years digging up crazy stories from the Florida muck and winning several state and national awards.

Then, after a torrentially rainy week in which he moved to South Beach and just as quickly changed his mind, he decided it was time to head back home for a while, as something like an adult. He spent a few months freelancing in Philadelphia and then bought a 45-year-old truck camper, which he has been renovating.

He will begin some travels in the camper this August. He is currently working on a short story collection and a novel manuscript, and is available for freelance writing.